Delegate management tasks in AD, Exchange, GroupWise and eDirectory

eControl delivers simplified, role-based management of user accounts, email lists, groups and other directory objects in Active Directory, Exchange, eDirectory, GroupWise, OpenLDAP and other systems. Replace complex management consoles with a single Web 2.0 application. Control users’ search and task authority. Now supports bulk management tasks.

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Empower HR and office staff to provision user accounts based on templates

Use eControl to empower HR and office staff to provision user accounts, email lists and groups based on pre-configured profiles. Simplify and standardize your account creation processes, naming standards and password requirements. eControl now provides bulk account creation and integrated user create profiles for SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, HR and other systems.

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Implement password self-service and other user self-service functions

Deliver user self-service functions for Active Directory, Exchange, eDirectory, GroupWise, SAP and other IT systems. These self-service functions include password changes, “forgot-my-password” challenge phrases, subscriptions to distribution lists and the ability to update demographic information and more.

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Enhance compliance and security audits with unified audit reporting

Access a unified audit portal across all your IT systems. All changes made in eControl get written to an audit log for administrator oversight and security audits. Access an administrator dashboard, view activity reports by help desk agent, filter audit reports by date and other attributes, and pass your next security audit with flying colours.

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About eControl

eControl delivers a unified, Web 2.0 management console for delegating management, creation, audit and user self-service tasks in Active Directory, Exchange, SAP, Oracle, eDirectory, GroupWise, OpenLDAP and other systems. Replace Microsoft Management Console, Task Pads, SAPConsole, ConsoleOne, iManager, LDAP administration tools and other complex tools with a single Web 2.0 application designed for non-technical users.

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Customer Feedback

With fewer than 10 minutes of training, I can teach a new helpdesk staff member, teacher or secretary how to use eControl to reset student passwords, release intruder lockout, manage group memberships, manage print queues, and more - with no access to ConsoleOne or iManager and no administrator rights in the network.
Brett Kluiber, Sandusky City Schools